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Hombach bought the latest T10 thermoformer from Geiss

Hombach and Geiss presented the lastest Geiss development of a new thermoforming machine (generation T10) on the Fakuma exhibition in Friedrichshafen (Germany).
The new development was supported by Hombach and represents the most modern and technological advanced vaccum-forming machine Geiss ever built. It is also the fourth time Hombach bought the "first" machine of a new generation machine from Geiss. This helps Hombach to secure the quality and efficency for our customers.

The new machine is capable to replace three old machines and at the same time increases the quality and lowers the energy consumption. So Hombach is not only protecting the enviroment but also ensures the competitiveness.

The maximum sheet sizes that can be used on the new T10 is 1500mm x 1000mm and is therefore the perfect and important addition for our portfolio to manufacture small and medium sized, high quality parts, e.g. for the healthcare industry.
So the whole thermoforming equipment allows to manufacture parts from hand-size to a maximum of about 3000mm x 2500mm (sheet size) and a height of 900mm.
Furthermore 6 of the 10 machines are also capable of manufacturing parts in Twin-Sheet oder High-Pressure technology, so painting can often be avoided, especially with forming the visible sides towards the mould surfaces (female moulding).This allows perfect and sharp defined outlines in nearly injection moulded surface quality with obvious lower tooling costs.

If you need more information or want to learn more about our possibilities please contact us.
Willingly we also like to inform you about our whole portfolio of design, development, prototyping, tooling, surface finishing and assemblies besides Thermo- and Twin-Sheet forming.

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